Characters of The Mascherari

Antonio da Parma - a Tuscan from Florence, he is called upon by the Consiglio Dei Dieci

Giacomo Contarini - a wealthy merchant with a sinful past

Catarina Contarini - Giacomo's wife, a devout from the Santa Maria Formosa parish

Lorenzo Contarini - Giacomo's son

Giovanna Contarini (Zanetta) - Giacomo's daughter

Rolandino Vitturi - Giacomo's primary trade partner, betrothed to Zanetta

Guido Canal - a wealthy broker who works with Giacomo

Ubertino Canal - a wealthy broker with unhealthy appetites, brother of Guido Canal

Basalmo Morosini - a vain negotiator who works with Giacomo, fond of silks and perfumes

Esteban del Valle - an elegant, ever-masked scarmitor who is more than he appears

Gaspar Miguel Rivera- a Catalan condottiere hired by the Venetian navy, Esteban's adopted father

Magdalena di Napoli - a mysterious woman from Naples

Blanca - a prostitute who is well versed in the arts of mask making

Francesco Visconti - an old maskmaker from Milan

Malek - a dangerous scarmitor

Almoro Donato - a member of the Council of Ten